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10 Most Exotic Islands in the World –

Idyllic beaches, sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks and lush greenery all around what else one can expect on a vacation. Far from the maddening crowd, one can just relax under the palm trees and gaze at the blue seawater and enjoy coral beauty in the sea at some of the best island destinations in the world.  The word islands itself create a vision of paradise on earth whether one seeks opaque blue water or pristine beaches or the untouched plantations surrounding them. We bring you some of the Exotic Island Vacations ideas for you to add in your bucket it.


They are one of the world’s most beautiful islands and the most amazing aspect is the clear blue water you can see through. The water is so transparent that while travelling through the sea in a glass floor boat, you can clearly see the aquatic life below in the sea like coral reefs, exotic sea creatures,. The best part is, this natural beauty is backed by all the modern comforts in the form of luxury resorts.


This volcanic island is famous for its lagoon withturquoise water in the middle of the tropical beauty all around. The water so clear that the sea creatures like various types of exotic fish, turtles and even sharks can be seen.  Diving and snorkeling are quite popular in the reefs and it has multiple hiking options through its dense jungles.


It is surrounded by limestone peaks that seem to arise out of sea with transparent water! Small tracts of shimmering white sand lased with palm trees are formed in this jungle-covered island. It is famous for coral reef with diverse aquatic life, emerald lakes and dense jungle, subterranean river national park with lime stone cave system with Underground River.



Seychelles is a beautiful archipelago of more than hundred coral and granite islands in the East of Kenya and are also UNESCO listed jungles where coral reefs are still preserved, shining beaches dotted with palm trees, are still unspoiled which are flanked by huge boulders. Major part of the area is protected and some of the islands are in fish rich marine sanctuaries making it ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is very popular for its beauty surrounded with white villas along the volcanic cliffs, blue domed churches against the deep blue sea and bright flowers completing the mesmerizingly colorful picture card. Top of the black lava cliffs, sublime sunsets, black sand sea beaches make anunforgettable impression.

Cook Islands

This archipelago of 15 islands is known for clear water lagoons, palm tree lased sand beaches that touch the volcanic peaks Rarotonga is the most popular tourist hub, extending many resorts, lush peaks, and beautiful beaches. There are some pockets here where you can get lost and relive the adventure stories of the childhood.

Bali, Indonesia

Lush countryside, surfing, swimming, sunbathing are some of the popular activities besides the spiritual flavor of Hindu temples. Paddy fields all around fill the countryside provide a great sight seeing experience. You can seek spirituality in Ubud, Seminyak, or enjoy the exotic volcanic islands of Lombok

Dalmatian Island, Croatia

Dalmatian Island present rich history with villages that remind of old times and. It has hotels and restaurants that are spread all along these islands. The most famous attractions are Brac with famous beach strip of Ziatni Rat, Hvar with its Goethic churches, picturesque fishing harbor, Pakieni Island for crystal clear water and secluded caves.



One of the most famous tropical getaways, Fiji covers all what tourists seek. From more than 300 islands that offer something for everybody, from sand beaches to transparent waters, from coral reefs to lush greenery all around. The people are so friendly that you would never like leaving here. Diving, snorkeling, fishing and enjoying sand beeches under palm trees are some of the activities people engage in.
St. Lucia

St. Lucia is popular for its exotic landscape that includes beautiful sea beaches lased with palm trees, towering pitons, and volcanic peaks rising very high from the sea. Forests of Coconut palms, waterfalls, old fashioned fishing villages, coral reefs and hot springs with therapeutic value are some of the interesting points to explore here.

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