Monday, 5 June 2017

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The addiction of travel is not just healthy for your mind and soul; but it also makes you well-versed with important lessons of life. Exploring different destinations of India undoubtedly gives you the opportunity to open doors to new places, new cultures and new people. Exploring best tours destinations in India could bring you closer to different colours of nature and also diversity of India.
Be it rich heritage, delicious food varieties, sundry sceneries, diverse culture or even history, India offers a thrilling experience to any tourist. Be it majestic forts of Rajasthan, snow-capped mountains of Manali and Himalayas, vibrant culture of Gujarat, renowned national parks and beautiful lakes of Kerala, or amazing beaches of Goa, India has many attractive destinations to offer. All these experiences can be enjoyed only in the beautiful land of India. However, it is indeed confusing to choose the much admired places of India and make your trip pleasant as there are plenty of options to consider and a lot of hassles involved in planning a comfortable trip. Besides, it is even more challenging to pick one of the most affordable and ideally suited budget trips in India

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Sunday, 28 May 2017


If you are a history lover and want to discover some of the most popular historical places of India, then you must believe that your this summer will give you memories to cherish forever. Famous historical places in India not only stand as an influential reflection of diverse Indian cultures, rulers and religion but also as architecture excellence.

Famous historical places in India

The Taj Mahal, the ultimately epitome of love, is a white marble structure which took many years to complete. Its grandeur remains unmatched in history even today. Another popular historical place is Qutub Minar by visiting which, you get a sense of rich history of the Mughal era. Even Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of Winds, is one of the most popular historical destinations of India especially for its crown shaped structure. This palace is known for its tall structure. Though curved, it stands firm because of its pyramidal shape. Moreover, if you want to explore craftsmanship beauty, then Ajanta Ellora caves must be visited. Interestingly, each rock carving is done by hand. Rani ki Vav step well is yet another popular attraction amount tourists. It is deep and massive in structure; however one of the most unexplored historical places in India even today. Its architectural beauty is such that the lowest level of step well is believed to have been used as a route to escape to nearby villages. Plenty of other monuments and destinations are distinct in their architectural beauty and historical significance. On getting even fair idea about exotic beauty of these places, don’t you feel like exploring history and diverse culture of India? Of course, it is now the time to pack your bags and get started especially when travel and tourism in India has become surprisingly affordable and comfortable.
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Monday, 22 May 2017

Have You Not Completely Explored India Yet? Find All-Inclusive Cheapest Travel Deals In India That Work For You

Summer season is finding its way through and clearly, it is now the time to explore India which does not have shortage of top attractions that could drive people crazy. Do you think a hyperbole is used so far? No. You are yet to discover the beauty of India that will last in your mind forever giving you memories to cherish for lifetime.

India is a place of natural beauty in diverse shapes and colours which itself is a strong reason to land at some of the most beautiful destinations this summer. From Taj Mahal, a glimpse to Mughal splendour to Kashmir, which is regarded as a heaven on earth, there are many exciting places to visit in India. On the other side, Kerala, God’s own country as they say, is a land of serene greenery and static lakes which offers its tourists an exotic and memorable travel experience. Even a more interesting place could be Goa, the fun capital for sure! It is popular as a paradise for enjoyment and fun loving people. Colourful celebrations are spread across the state round the year. Its pristine beaches, architectural beauty and imprints of the past have contributed to its popularity so far. Interestingly, you have excellent places if you love to explore wild life and desert part of India such as Rajasthan and various world famous sanctuaries, etc.
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Get Benefited With Cheapest Holiday Packages In India And Enjoy Your Next Trip

Explore some beautiful places to visit in summer in India with family, not because few websites and brochures tell you to do so, but because you ought to!
With summer approaching near, many of you might have already started your own anticipation for memorable vacations. Well, you indeed have a good opportunity to travel to exotic places with your family and free yourself from tedious routine. There are many interesting places to visit in India in summer. We here have prepared a list of not-to-miss destinations of India. So, if you are yet to decide where to go to vacation this summer, you must take a quick glance at beautiful travel destinations.
Kashmir, also known as the valley of fun and adventure, offers heavenly beauty to its visitors. On the other side, Ladakh is unique and incredible. This is something which you may have never seen before. The weather is moody and hence it is indeed challenging to explore this attractive destination. Manali is yet another exceptionally beautiful destination. Being one of the most visited tourist destinations in India especially for honeymoon, it houses snow-covered mountains. On the other side, Shimla offers best home away from home experience. Families looking for picturesque surroundings and comfortable vacation shall explore this place. One more popular summer destination is Darjeeling, known as Queen of the Hills. Its rock gardens, water fall, and many ideal places for tourists to stroll, shop and even eat add thrill to one’s journey. There are some of the finest options in the North East as well like Sikkim. Interestingly, a holiday spent in Kerala is a holiday well spent. Its lush green hills, sprawling tea gardens, thrilling climate do the magic for all visitors. Indeed, families have striking tourist destinations; there is no better time to spend a quality time with your dear ones than visiting these exotic places this summer. But, it is equally important to make your vacation comfortable, luxurious and affordable by picking one of the cheapest holiday packages in india.
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Best Places To Travel in India Once in Your Lifetime!

India is a land of diversity in every aspect you can think of. From the towering Himalayas in the North to the great Indian Ocean in the south, from the mighty Brahmaputra River and rainy regions of East to the arid land of Rajasthan, the diversity keeps growing as you try to unfold in among its people, languages they speak, food they eat or the cultures they belong to while you Travel in India! While your Tours and Travels in India, you keep unfolding one and other sets you further deep into the different realms of diversity. It will take long to actually understand what unifies these vast differences in to what we call India!

Spiritual India

Indians have always probed life in this world and beyond. Indian culture lays great emphasis on life after death and its dependence on Karma. Religious beliefs are based on this and temples to commemorate deities.

Different places became famous for their religious identities such as Varanasi in North India is known for nothingness in life, the mortality of physical being, Haridwar became famous for Bhakti marg asking its followers to embrace Bhakti or worship to become pure from inside thus canonizing a dip in the holy Ganges, the holiest of them all, the Four Dhams which are a must visit for a devout Hindu, once in his life time-Badrinath dham in Uttarakhand, Dwarka Dham in Gujarat, Puri Dham in Orissa and Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu. All these Dhams are located in all parts of India and one can get an inside glimpse of what drives Indian beliefs and religion. 

Besides this there are numerous temples and holy places to visit in India and one needs to focus on the faith of the people that drive their life through the ups and downs of their lives with equanimity.

Exotic India

The most enchanting part of exotic India is that one can enjoy the extremes of the weather in every part of India round the year. The snow capped mountains in the Himalayan ranges with skiing facility in Gulmurg in Kashmir and, Aully in Uttarakhand, the divine landscape and the serenity of regions of Ladakh provide you the best of the mountains one can expect for. 


Further in South India we have some of the best beaches in Goa which is a popular hub of foreigners and Kovalam famous for its un-spoilt golden beaches and not to forget the God’s own country the magnificent Kerala, which will mesmerize you with its lush green tea plantations at Munnar and unforgettable backwater boat rides and not to be left behind are its therapeutic spa facilities which will rejuvenate you.

If you want to have a peep at the colonial past then Kolkota in West Bengal is an ideal place which will provide you the best of past and present – from Victoria memorial, Rajbhawn, St. Paul’s Cathedral writer’s building of the British raj to modern lay out of the great metropolis like Eden Garden and Cherapoonji, the region with most rainfall in India.