Thursday, 22 December 2016

Best Places To Travel in India Once in Your Lifetime!

India is a land of diversity in every aspect you can think of. From the towering Himalayas in the North to the great Indian Ocean in the south, from the mighty Brahmaputra River and rainy regions of East to the arid land of Rajasthan, the diversity keeps growing as you try to unfold in among its people, languages they speak, food they eat or the cultures they belong to while you Travel in India! While your Tours and Travels in India, you keep unfolding one and other sets you further deep into the different realms of diversity. It will take long to actually understand what unifies these vast differences in to what we call India!

Spiritual India

Indians have always probed life in this world and beyond. Indian culture lays great emphasis on life after death and its dependence on Karma. Religious beliefs are based on this and temples to commemorate deities.

Different places became famous for their religious identities such as Varanasi in North India is known for nothingness in life, the mortality of physical being, Haridwar became famous for Bhakti marg asking its followers to embrace Bhakti or worship to become pure from inside thus canonizing a dip in the holy Ganges, the holiest of them all, the Four Dhams which are a must visit for a devout Hindu, once in his life time-Badrinath dham in Uttarakhand, Dwarka Dham in Gujarat, Puri Dham in Orissa and Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu. All these Dhams are located in all parts of India and one can get an inside glimpse of what drives Indian beliefs and religion. 

Besides this there are numerous temples and holy places to visit in India and one needs to focus on the faith of the people that drive their life through the ups and downs of their lives with equanimity.

Exotic India

The most enchanting part of exotic India is that one can enjoy the extremes of the weather in every part of India round the year. The snow capped mountains in the Himalayan ranges with skiing facility in Gulmurg in Kashmir and, Aully in Uttarakhand, the divine landscape and the serenity of regions of Ladakh provide you the best of the mountains one can expect for. 


Further in South India we have some of the best beaches in Goa which is a popular hub of foreigners and Kovalam famous for its un-spoilt golden beaches and not to forget the God’s own country the magnificent Kerala, which will mesmerize you with its lush green tea plantations at Munnar and unforgettable backwater boat rides and not to be left behind are its therapeutic spa facilities which will rejuvenate you.

If you want to have a peep at the colonial past then Kolkota in West Bengal is an ideal place which will provide you the best of past and present – from Victoria memorial, Rajbhawn, St. Paul’s Cathedral writer’s building of the British raj to modern lay out of the great metropolis like Eden Garden and Cherapoonji, the region with most rainfall in India.

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