Tuesday, 29 March 2016

World’s Best Places to go Skydiving

Floating through the clouds and landing back to earth is an experience like no other. It is an experience of Freedom. It gives us a most beautiful chance to witness world’s most fascinating landscape from above. So to help you plan your next adventure, EasyTravelDeal.com has come up with the 5 most epic places in the world for skydiving.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Fox Glacier is rewarded as the second most scenic skydive in the world. Opt for a tandem skydives from 9,000, 13,000 and even 16,500 feet one will witness the stunning scenery of 13 km Glacier and Mt. Cook enveloped in clouds. As you free fall, knees on the breeze marvel at the view of rainforest, lakes, mountains and the wild Tasman Sea with breath-taking Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers.

Skydiving Places in New Zealand

Height: Around 12,000ft with a whopping 65 seconds free-fall
Cost: USD $139 or £150

Namib Desert, Namibia

With an empty landscape, Namib Desert on the southwest of Africa is a great place for a surreal skydive experience. Just imagine yourself at a place where there is no city, no wildlife, no greenery just a silent world of orange dunes forming bizarre formations against the blue sky. Landing in the middle of such landscape is something you would surely like to have it once in your life. 

Skydiving in Namibia

Height: 10,000ft
Cost: USD$270/ £135.


Sky diving at Hawaii is definitely not a cup of tea for the faint hearted. Taking the jump over Hawaii gives you a panoramic view of entire Island including Pearl Harbor, Diamond Point and Keana Point. Do you know what’s the unique about sky diving at Hawaii?? The skydive operators in Hawaii uses energy efficient planes that helps to reduce skydiving carbon by up to 40%

Skydiving in Hawaii

Height: 12,000ft
Cost: USD $225 and $125 USD for students.

Mount Everest, Nepal

It’s the father of all. The extremist of the extreme skydiving at Mount Everest is exclusive, expensive and totally exhilarating. It is not only one of the highest drop zones in the world but also the most scenic and fascinating views of the mighty Himalayas. There are only 4 jumps operated in the whole year and it’s also the most expensive one. 

Skydiving in Nepal

Height: 29,500ft.
Cost: USD $35,000,

Interlaken, Switzerland

Situated between two Alpine lakes, jumping from a helicopter over Interlaken in the Swiss Alps is the most spectacular skydiving experience. Dive from a height of 15000ft and float over lakes, waterfall, glaciers and valleys gives you the picturesque scenery of Alpine Europe.

Skydiving in New Zealand

Height: 15,000ft
Cost: USD $ 470

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