Friday, 18 December 2015


Its time to bid adieu and give a good bye kiss to the past year and welcome the New Year and future coming around. So, where are you planning to kick start your New Year?? How about getting out of the comfort zone and exploring some of the best destinations for celebration?? Here, we at present you some of the best New Year party getaways.


Among youngsters, Goa is the most popular destination in India for celebrating New Year’s Eve. From beaches to pubs, bars, discos, guest house, resorts, live music and never ending night, Goa has it all. From traditional food to sea food, from soft drinks to hard drinks, one can eat and drink anything they love. Goa is the best place to experience hard core party on the beach under the stars with fire spitters and the best music around.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is surely the best New Year destination in India. The really peaceful and calm atmosphere is transformed in to the one which witnesses the crazy parties on islands, yacht, resorts and beaches. To add moments in your party, boat riding and other sport activities can be considered as the best thing to do on New Year’s Eve. Being close to nature and beautiful scenery can help you forget all your worries and feel you with new energy and enthusiasm to face new challenges.


Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry is one of the most desired destination for New Year’s Eve celebration with friends and family. The delicious sea food and drink along with the best blend of French and Indian culture lends the place with a delightful charm on New Year’s Eve. With fireworks and street artist’s eclectic varieties of performance, the New Year at Pondicherry can be the most fascinating memory of your life.


After Goa, Kerela is the second most popular destination in India to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  The beaches at Kerela are as exciting as ever. Amidst with natural beauty and water bodies, Kerela is the best place to spend the lovely time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to book your houseboat and enjoy the quality time in Alleppey’s backwater.


Amalgamation of New Year parties with the beauty of rivers and mountains make Kasol one of the best destinations to visit this New Year. There are numerous partied hosted if you are a party animal or else you also have an option to sneak in the breathtaking surroundings and being one with the nature.

Besides this, if you are planning for some big celebrations in some big city, then Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore is the answer for you!!

So put your party shoes dump all your worries and welcome the New Year in a style at any of these perfect destinations in India!!

Party Hard!!

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