Thursday, 26 November 2015


“Road trips aren’t measured by miles markers, but by moments”

The best way to explore oneself and enjoy life to its fullest is to grab a friend, hop in the car and hit the roads. The road trips should be easy and hassle free, so there’s no room for irritation and bring down your trip. Thus pack your back, fuel your car and follow these easy life saving hacks from With some simple tips and tricks you can turn your ordinary car into the moving palace with all your comforts of home and you can end up seeing the weird and amazing roadside attractions scattered across the nation.

1. Service your car and know your route and destination to explore.  

•  Get your car serviced before hitting the road. Inform your car service station about your road trip so they can tune your ride accordingly. 
•  Get some useful tips from them and don’t forget to grab some fuses from them.
•  Know your route before getting on your wheels. 

2. Essentials to Carry. 

   Be prepared for unexpected. Check the below list for an easy and hassle free road trip. 

•  A cereal container is a great no-spill trash can.
•  To maintain the fresh smell keep an open box of dryer sheets in your car.
•  Take a shower caddy for easy eating on the road. 
•  Hang a shoe organizer on the back of the seat to keep all must need items easily accessible. 
•  Carry a car cooler to keep your drinks and snacks cool. 
•  A multi-way charger can be a great rescue.
•  An emergency Kit with AAA card, walking shoes, flares, blanket, water, first aid kit, flashlight, icebox, foot pump and puncture repair kit.
•  Trunk cover for protection
•  Take a nap while your friend drives with a window pillow

3. Applications for your rescue. 
   In this technology savvy world, download some apps and see how your mobile can be your best tourist guide ever. 

•  Save money and running yourself from fuel. Find the cheapest fuel prices on your route with an app like Gas Buddy and Fuel My Route App.
•  Drop a pin on your map app when you are parking in an unfamiliar city.
•  Download some road trip game apps to save yourself from the boredom.
•  Make sure you stay updated with weather info ahead of your trip. 
•  Download a money exchange service to easily split the cost of things like gas, tolls and food.
•  Take a screenshot and save Google Maps for offline use when you are out of coverage area.

Last but not the least ENJOY THE OPEN RAOD…..

So when are you planning your road trip??

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